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Please call (630)264-9840 for hours and pricing details; swim packages are available. A vet referral form is required to ensure the health of your dog.  Forms can be found on our Facebook page (under See Spot Swim) or they can be faxed or emailed when you call for your appointment.  We hope to see your Spot swimming soon!

The See Spot Swim website is finally up and running! Come visit them at www.seepotswim.com or you can check us out on our SEE SPOT SWIM Facebook page.


Canine Physical Rehab has moved to a new location, effective 10/1/11 Canine Physical Rehab will be relocated to: 2285 Cornell Ave, Montgomery, IL 60538.
The clinic faces Orchard Road, close to Orchard Road Animal Hospital and and Jericho Road. Only 5 minutes from I-88 and Orchard Road exit.

Canine Physical Rehab is owned and operated by Carol A. Jurca, PTA, CCRP. To date, Carol Jurca is one of fifteen Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners in the State of Illinois, and she has been a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant since 1988. After her own dogs underwent surgery to correct severe hip dysplasia and the lack of skilled therapy available for dogs in 2004, Carol actively persued her CCRP to provide owners/pet parents with another option to cage rest and medication for dogs suffering from a variety of orthopedic and/or neurological conditions. Carol's strong orthopedic and neurological clinical background in physical therapy working with people gave her a great advantage in effectively treating dogs. In addition to teaching owners how to correctly perform the home exercise program prescribed, Carol will also teach the owner about correct body mechanics to better handle their dog and reduce the chance of sustaining a back injury when trying to assist their disabled dog.

C.P.R. Satff:

  • Carol Jurca, PTA, CCRP
  • Erin Vest, VT, CMT
  • Jacqueline Vodicka-Eich, VT


The Animal Rehabilitation Clinic, Inc. - The A.R.C. has a new name - "Canine Physical Rehab - C.P.R.".  The name change has occurred because the old name was rather confusing in describing what services were offered at The A.R.C. The first word "Animal" - well, only dogs are being treated. I would get calls about a bird, squirrel, or for horses that needed therapy. The second word "Rehabilitation", well, only physical rehabilitation occurs here, not psychological.  Canine Physical Rehab - C.P.R., the name says it all.

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Canine Physical Rehab, inc. - CPR
Carol A. Jurca, PTA, CCRP
2285 Cornell Ave.
Montgomery, Illinois 60538
Office Phone:    630-264-9840
Fax Line:          630-264-9839
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday   8:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Saturday             8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

All appointments by veterinarian referral only.



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